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Bag that pile in style: Poo bag reviews

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Poo bags. Not a subject that can be considered glamorous, but when it comes to managing and disposing of dog waste, our industry cannot afford to compromise on quality. These humble tools play a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental responsibility. 

So, let’s leave shop-bought, low-quality bags to the amateurs, and instead put our serious faces on as we explore the intricacies of six different types of premium poo bags. Many thanks to the Capital Dog Care team who rigorously tested the bags on performance, environmental friendliness, and cost.

We include links to these products, but the reviews are unbiased, reflecting the team’s genuine experiences. GoFido does not receive any money when you click a link, buy a product, or subscribe to a service.

1. Scot-Petshop Oceanex 500

Product Description: Scot-Petshop's Dog Waste Bags are made with 50% recycled plastic and 25% OCEANEX material. They feature a large size, 15-micron thickness, and 100% leak-proof design, with easy-tie handles for disposal. The manufacturer aims to combine eco-friendliness with practicality for dog owners.

Offer price: 2.5p per bag

The Team said:

“These are like the reliable work boots of poo bags; no leaking, no breaking, just solid performance. They are easy to separate and tie too. No fragrance though, but that’s more than made up for in the really low price. For us, who go through bags like crazy, affordability is key.”

2. Earth Rated Poo Bags

Product Description: Earth Rated Poop Bags, made with 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, divert over 5 million pounds of plastic from landfills yearly. Manufactured in China, they offer 15-micron thickness for reliable handling. Available in various sizes, these leak-proof bags support environmental efforts and are designed for ease of use.

Offer price: 4p per bag

The Team said:

“Great bags. They were super durable and have plenty of room. It’s a breeze to get just one bag out at a time, and they open and tie up easily too. The fragrance is a nice touch, making the whole process a bit more pleasant.

3. Fetch It Compostable Poo Bags

Product Description: Fetch It's Compostable Poo Bags with Tie Handles Ocean Edition are eco-friendly, made from GM-free cornstarch. These 100% compostable bags degrade quickly into harmless natural elements, reducing plastic pollution. Featuring a unique design with tie handles for convenience, they are strong, thick, and certified to high European standards. Designed in the UK and ethically manufactured in China, they measure 9 x 13 inches and support ocean conservation efforts.

Offer price: 9p per bag

The Team said:

“We absolutely loved the feel of these bags — they’re top-notch in texture, and dispensing them is a breeze. The size is right, and they tie up smoothly. Plus they’re the only poo bags meant for dispensers that we’ve found that have tie handles on a roll— super handy for dog walkers. It’s also refreshing to see a colour option that’s not the usual green. However, they are relatively expensive, which may be fine if you’re a dog owner but not so good if you’re a professional using a lot of them.”

4. Tuff Pets Compostable Dog Poop Bags - Heavy Duty

Product Description: Tuff Pets Compostable Dog Poop Bags are 20 microns thick for durability, with easy tie handles for hygienic disposal. Made from corn starch and recycled plastic, they quickly biodegrade. The brand supports environmental sustainability by offsetting carbon emissions, making these bags a responsible choice for eco-conscious dog owners.

Offer price: 10p per bag


“Heavy duty by name, heavy duty by nature. Large too. It might not have a scent, but it keeps any nasty smells well contained. The handles mean they are really easy to tie up, and they are opaque enough to save you from any unpleasant sights. We can’t fault them really, except they are the most expensive bags we tested.”


5. Beco Large Poop Bags Mint Scented

Product Description: Beco Large Poop Bags, available in mint-scented and unscented options, are big (33 x 22cm), strong, and leak-proof. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, they fit standard dispensers and come with recycled packaging. These bags are designed for responsible pet waste disposal, offering a practical and eco-friendly solution for dog owners.


 “These are decent bags. They’ve got enough room, even for the bigger jobs. They are a little bit thin, so things can get a bit graphic, but they’re surprisingly durable. The ones we had were designed for a dispenser which means they aren’t the easiest to open or tie quickly. The mint scent is a nice touch though.”

6. Pooch & Mutt Planet Friendly Dog Poo Bags

Product Description: Pooch & Mutt's Planet Friendly Dog Poo Bags, made from 75% recycled materials including 50% plastic bottle waste and 25% oyster shell waste, are not biodegradable or compostable to address realistic waste disposal challenges where sufficient composting conditions are often impractical. The brand focuses on using existing plastic waste, aiming for 100% recycled materials to promote responsible waste management and reduce plastic pollution.

Offer price: 5p per bag

The Team said:

“Made for a dispenser so a little thin, but that’s unavoidable. But they are large and strong enough, and super-light. Good choice for a dog walker, not so much for day cares.”


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