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Protest in Conwy: Dog owners and professionals rally against proposed beach ban

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Over 1,000 people gathered in Conwy, North Wales, for a mammoth dog walk on 9th September with a shared purpose: to voice their opposition to a proposed plan that could affect not only dog owners but also professionals in the dog care industry.

The Conwy County Borough Council is presently deliberating on a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) with the potential to restrict access to areas including the picturesque beach region spanning from Colwyn Bay to Rhos-on-Sea. While an existing PSPO is currently in effect, it is slated to lapse in October 2023, opening the door for the potential enforcement of the revised and expanded draft order.

For dedicated dog care professionals, these potential restrictions could significantly impact their work. Limitations on where they can exercise and engage with the dogs under their care may further disrupt their daily routines and affect the quality of service provided to clients.

Speaking to BBC Wales, Aaron Haggas, the protest organiser, voiced concerns on behalf of dog owners and dog walkers. He highlighted the absence of designated dog parks in the region and the inconvenience it could pose to all stakeholders. Haggas stated, “There’s no dog parks here. We’ll have to go to places like Rhyl and Prestatyn, and that feels like encroaching on their territory.”

For those wishing to influence the outcome of these proposals, a consultation period is currently underway, concluding on October 4th. This offers a vital opportunity for dog care professionals, dog owners, and other concerned parties to participate in the decision-making process and advocate for the interests of their canine companions.

Additional information on the consultation is available on the council’s website.

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