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Government struggles to enforce American Bully XL ban 

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Dr. Christine Middlemiss, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, highlighted the difficulty of enforcing the new law against Bully XLs, pointing to uncertain data on their numbers. She admitted, “Do I know how many Bully XLs there are in the country? No, we don’t specifically know.”

Animal welfare groups estimate around 15,000 Bully XLs are in the UK. However, Dr. Middlemiss revealed that only 4,000 have been officially registered. With the registration deadline less than 2 months away, this suggests that as many as 11,000 remain unregistered. This significant number likely includes many dogs owned by the very people blamed for the current situation.

Another challenge is the capacity of police to enforce this law at the ground level. Dr. Middlemiss did not provide a definite answer when asked about this aspect, raising concerns about the practicality of the enforcement measures.

Dr. Middlemiss personally supports the ban on Bully XLs. 

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