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Last updated: November 14, 2023

By accessing, browsing, or using GoFido, including our associated mobile applications, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, please refrain from using our platform. We reserve the right to modify these Terms periodically, and your continued use signifies your acceptance of any modifications.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and General Provisions
  2. Accessing and Using GoFido
  3. User Registration and Account Security
  4. User-Generated Content: Rights and Responsibilities
  5. GoFido’s Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Prohibited Conduct and Content Restrictions
  7. Account Suspension, Termination, and Penalties
  8. Third-Party Content, Advertisements, and Links
  9. Protection of Personal Data and Privacy
  10. Limitations and Exclusions of Our Liability
  11. Maintenance, Downtime, and Service Interruptions
  12. Force Majeure
  13. Waiver
  14. Entire Agreement
  15. Assignment
  16. Third Party Rights
  17. Validity and Severability of These Terms
  18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  1. Introduction and General Provisions

1.1. GoFido is a digital platform managed and operated by GoFido Ltd, a company duly registered in England under registration number 14301213, with its principal place of business located at 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. For any queries or clarifications, you may contact us at [email protected].

  1. Accessing and Using GoFido

2.1. All content on GoFido is provided for personal, non-commercial use. Users may occasionally print specific pages for personal reference, ensuring that GoFido’s trademarks, copyright notices, and other proprietary notices remain intact.

2.2. Direct or indirect reproduction, dissemination, storage, or modification of any content from GoFido without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

2.3. Users wishing to share content should employ GoFido’s integrated sharing tools. Sharing via email requires the recipient’s explicit consent.

2.4. Any commercial exploitation of GoFido or its content is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing by us.

2.5. Users must utilise GoFido’s reporting tools responsibly. Malicious or false reporting is strictly prohibited and may result in penalties.

2.6. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, users should refer directly to

  1. User Registration and Account Security

3.1. Users must be at least 16 years of age to register and contribute to GoFido.

3.2. Each individual is limited to one registration. Users are responsible for maintaining the accuracy and currency of their registration information.

3.3. Users must safeguard their account credentials and are solely responsible for any activities under their account.

3.4. Impersonation, unauthorised account access, or any attempt thereof, is strictly prohibited and may result in penalties or legal action.

3.5. Any security breaches or unauthorised account activities should be promptly reported to [email protected].

  1. User-Generated Content: Rights and Responsibilities

4.1. GoFido reserves the right to review, edit, move, or delete any user-generated content at its sole discretion without notice, in accordance with our House Rules.

4.2. By submitting content, users grant GoFido a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide licence to use, reproduce, modify, display, distribute, and create derivative works from such content.

4.3. Users acknowledge that they either own the content they submit or have obtained all necessary permissions to submit such content. Users also waive any “moral rights” in their content.

  1. GoFido’s Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. All content, trademarks, logos, graphics, videos, audio, software, and other intellectual property rights on GoFido are owned by C100 Technologies Ltd or its licensors. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of any of this content or materials without express written consent is strictly prohibited.

  1. Prohibited Conduct and Content Restrictions

6.1. Users must not submit content that is:

  • Defamatory, misleading, harmful, or offensive.
  • Obscene, explicit, or violates any person’s privacy.
  • In violation of any law, regulation, or court order.
  • Infringing on any third party’s intellectual property rights.

6.2. Direct linking to external sites or resources without prior approval is prohibited.

6.3. Users must not attempt to circumvent any security measures implemented on GoFido.

6.4. Content that has been previously removed or flagged should not be re-submitted, in accordance with our House Rules.

  1. Account Suspension, Termination, and Penalties

7.1. GoFido reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or impose penalties on user accounts for violations of these Terms, our House Rules, or any applicable laws.

7.2. Suspended or terminated users must not attempt to re-register or access GoFido without express permission.

  1. Third-Party Content, Advertisements, and Links

8.1. Sponsored or advertorial content on GoFido will be clearly labelled as such, with delineation of editorial control.

8.2. GoFido is not responsible for third-party content, including user comments, advertisements, or external links.

8.3. External links are provided for convenience and do not signify endorsement. Users access external links at their own risk.

  1. Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

9.1. GoFido is committed to protecting user privacy. Our data collection, storage, and processing practices are outlined in our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms by reference.

  1. Limitations and Exclusions of Our Liability

10.1. GoFido is provided “as is” without any warranties or representations of any kind, either express or implied.

10.2. GoFido shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use the platform.

10.3. We do not guarantee uninterrupted access to GoFido and are not responsible for any technical issues beyond our control.

10.4. While we strive for a bug-free platform, we cannot guarantee that GoFido will be free from errors, viruses, or other harmful components.

10.5. Nothing in these Terms shall limit our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or for fraud.

  1. Maintenance, Downtime, and Service Interruptions

11.1. Regular maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of GoFido. We aim to schedule maintenance during off-peak hours to minimise disruptions.

11.2. Emergency maintenance may be necessary, and we will restore access as soon as it is deemed safe.

  1. Force Majeure

12.1. GoFido shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under these Terms if such failure results from events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts, riots, acts of war, epidemics, governmental action, fire, communication line failures, power failures, earthquakes, or other disasters.

  1. Waiver

13.1. Any failure or delay by GoFido in exercising any of its rights under these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of those rights.

  1. Entire Agreement

14.1. These Terms, together with any other legal notices or terms published by GoFido on the platform, constitute the entire agreement between the user and GoFido, superseding any prior agreements.

  1. Assignment

15.1. Users may not assign or transfer their rights or obligations under these Terms without the prior written consent of GoFido.

  1. Third Party Rights

16.1. These Terms are for the benefit of GoFido and the user and are not intended to benefit or be enforceable by any third party. The rights of the parties to terminate, rescind, or agree to any variation, waiver, or settlement under these Terms are not subject to the consent of any third party.

  1. Validity and Severability of These Terms

17.1. If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

18.1. These Terms are governed by English law. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute relating to these Terms.