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House Rules

Last updated: September 21, 2023

Please familiarise yourself with these rules. They define acceptable and unacceptable content on GoFido. We may periodically update these rules, so kindly review them before posting a comment.

Rule 1: Value diverse opinions
We appreciate your viewpoints. Our goal is to foster a platform where readers can understand diverse perspectives. Contribute meaningfully to the discussion, explaining your stance rather than merely stating agreement or disagreement. Avoid one-word or very short comments that don’t contribute to the discussion.

Rule 2: Public platform awareness
Remember, once your comment is posted, it’s accessible to anyone online. Ensure clarity in your comments to prevent misinterpretation. While you can express strong opinions, maintain decorum. You are legally accountable for your submissions. Reflect on how others might perceive your comments, keeping in mind our diverse audience. Avoid sharing personal information about yourself or others, even if it’s not confidential.

Rule 3: Language and relevance
Maintain courtesy. Refrain from using profanities, crude, or explicit language. Comments should be in English and relevant to the topic. Avoid discussing content moderation decisions or user suspensions. For site-related queries, contact us at [email protected].

Rule 4: Addressing inappropriate content
We uphold high community standards. If you believe a comment breaches these rules or our Terms, please contact us at [email protected]. Only contact us for genuine concerns, not disagreements.

Rule 5: Avoid harmful content
Refrain from comments that are:

  • Defamatory, misleading, or false;
  • Insulting, threatening, or abusive;
  • Explicit or sexually suggestive;
  • Discriminatory or prejudiced against any group;
  • Promoting or glorifying violence, self-harm, or any form of illegal activity.

Rule 6: Respect privacy and legal boundaries
Preserve privacy by not sharing confidential or private data, such as personal contact details. Avoid commenting on high-profile public cases or other ongoing legal cases to prevent potential legal repercussions.

Rule 7: No promotions or investigations
Do not use GoFido for:

  • Commercial promotions or advertisements;
  • Campaigns, petitions, or chain messages;
  • Personal investigations or tracking;
  • Spreading misinformation or unverified claims.

Rule 8: Authenticity and disclosure
Do not impersonate others. If you have a connection to a topic, disclose it or refrain from commenting.

Rule 9: Avoid linking and copyright breaches
Do not include website links or content that infringes on copyright. Avoid copying and pasting large portions of copyrighted text.

Rule 10: Embrace the essence of the rules
Beyond the literal interpretation, respect the underlying intent and tone of these rules and our community.

Rule 11: Content moderation
We may remove comments that breach these rules, our Terms, or following a valid complaint. Typically, we remove entire comments or threads. If your content is removed, we might notify you, especially if there are further consequences like suspension. Some comments may also be pre-moderated before appearing on the platform.

Rule 12: Account actions
We reserve the right to suspend or ban users for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Violating these rules or our Terms;
  • Not adhering to community standards;
  • Overburdening our team or mistreating our staff.

Suspensions and bans vary based on the situation. If banned or suspended, do not attempt to bypass this by using another account without our consent.