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Challenging Breeds: The professionals’ perspective

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A recent study conducted by the puppy training app Zigzag confirmed what dog care professionals may already know – the early stages of puppyhood and the tumultuous ‘doggolescence’ phase can present difficulties for dog owners.

6 specific breeds came top of the charts for demanding additional care and attention. They were:

  1. BeaglesKeen noses can lead to distractions.
  2. Jack Russell TerriersHigh prey drive and boundless energy.
  3. French BulldogsExceptionally independent.
  4. Border ColliesHigh mental / physical energy.
  5. German ShepherdsGuarding instincts.
  6. CavapoosCharming but mischievous.

Every dog owner has their own level of knowledge and experience, which may differ from that of seasoned dog carers. So, GoFido would like to hear from you, the professionals in the field. Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. Cast your votes in the poll below, and we’ll gather the results and provide an update soon.

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