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Employee Recruitment

How to write job descriptions, where to post jobs, how to interview candidates, and what to look for in potential hires.

Employee Retention

Strategies for keeping good employees, including competitive pay, benefits, a positive work environment, and growth opportunities.

Training & Development

Advice on onboarding new employees, providing ongoing training, and supporting employee professional development.

Workplace Culture

Insights into creating a positive, productive workplace culture that attracts and retains good employees.

Contracts & Legal

Information about employment laws, contracts, and other legal considerations in staffing.

Employee Management

Advice on managing employees effectively, including communication, performance reviews, and dealing with conflict.

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategies for building a diverse and inclusive workforce, and why this is important for businesses.

Outsourcing and Freelancers

Advice on when and how to use freelancers or outsource certain tasks, rather than hiring full-time employees.


Practical information on setting up and managing employee benefits.